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There are a number of Awards that Girlguiding Members can be nominated for including the Girlguiding Cymru Chief Commissioner's Award and Silver Dragon.

Chief Commissioner's Award

This award is made for:-

  • Commitment which has been over and above ‘the call of duty’ in respect of services to Guiding or the Trefoil Guild, or to their local community.
  • A notable display of courage or fortitude or has, to the best of her/his ability, overcome personal difficulties
  • Has shown initiative and bravery or taken appropriate action in a challenging situation.
For further information on the Chief Commissioner's Award and nomination form please click here.
Chief Commissioner's Award

Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon Award is for exceptional and outstanding service at Welsh Level to Girlguiding Cymru.

Nominations for the award should be made without the knowledge of the nominee or her/his relatives.

The Silver Dragon can be awarded to a person who the Awards Committee consider merits the award.

The proposed recipient should be:

  • Any member of Girlguiding Cymru including the Trefoil Guild.
  • Any non-member who fulfils the awards criteria
Please click the following links for further information on the Silver Dragon Award and a Silver Dragon Award nomination form.


UK and National Awards

There are also a number of UK and National Awards such as:

  • The Laurel Award
  • The Silver Fish Award
  • The Guiding Star
Further information on these awards and National Honours is available by clicking here.
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