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What is the ‘Lead into guiding’ pack?
The ‘Lead into guiding’ pack is a tool to help you recruit young people into guiding as volunteers and potential Leaders.

The pack resources will support you to engage with youth sector organisations, to find young people who are interested in volunteering and leadership roles within guiding.

Once recruited, the pack will then help you deliver a ‘Lead into guiding’ five-day training programme, that will prepare your volunteers for leading with Girlguiding.

The pack is adaptable, so you can also use it to start training current members looking to progress into Leadership and to recruit adults who are new to guiding.
What’s in the pack?
Each pack contains a guide to ‘Lead into guiding’, trainer notes, top-tips cards and Lead into Guiding workbooks that can help you:
  • get in contact with  youth organisations and bodies
  • recruit young volunteers through taster sessions or recruitment events
  • run a five day ‘Lead into guiding’ event to train volunteers, which includes two days of training that lead onto delivering two days of Holiday Brownies and a final day of evaluation
  • support young volunteers into leadership roles through the Participant Workbook, which explains how the activities contribute to the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification  
You can also adapt the programme and use the pack to:

  • run a weekend residential to introduce young women into The Senior Section
  • recruit new adult volunteers who haven’t been involved in guiding before
  • give new members of The Senior Section an idea of the programme in their area
  • and get current members of The Senior Section started on their Leadership Qualification
Get your copy of ‘Lead into guiding’
To get your copy of the pack, including a number of participant workbooks, email:

Include ‘Lead into guiding pack request’ in the subject line.

Download more resources for ‘Lead into guiding’
As well as the pack itself, we have created all the extra resources you’ll need to get you started, which you can download from the Girlguiding website here

You can also download some FAQ's here.

Working with the National Citizenship Service
Girlguiding created the ‘Lead into guiding’ pack through a pilot programme funded through the Youth United Foundation in partnership with the National Citizenship Service (NCS), a government-sponsored scheme that gets young people from all backgrounds involved in volunteering and social action, by offering them a five-week programme.

If there is an NCS provider local to you, working with them will enable you to tap into a huge number of enthusiastic potential young volunteers, who might never have thought about getting involved with guiding otherwise.

You can find out how to get in contact with your local NCS provider through the NCS website.
A new way to find and inspire young volunteers
'Lead into guiding' is for anyone who wants to recruit from an exciting and diverse group of young people who are interested in guiding.
'Lead into guiding' is for anyone who is helping someone who needs extra support with the Leadership Qualification (LQ).
'Lead into guiding' is for anyone who wants to create a flexible 'Holiday Brownies' programme to give new volunteers some experience as part of their LQ.
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