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Peer Education Programme

Peer Educators are Guiding Members aged 14 to 25 (Senior Section) who have attended a Basic Training weekend and run sessions on a variety of important and relevant topics for their peers. Peer Educators run sessions for Brownies, Guides, other members of The Senior Section, as well as anyone outside Guiding aged 7+. Sessions by Peer Educators are delivered in a fun, informal and sensitive manner, through games and activities tailored to suit participants’ needs on topical issues such as bullying and self-esteem, or on developing skills such as communication and decision making.

4 can help young women develop confidence, gain useful skills and learn about important issues to enhance CV’s as well as offer a chance to meet new people, make a difference in a local community and have fun! Taking part will count towards Queens Guide and/or Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Want to become a Peer Educator?

4 starts with a free Basic Training weekend where you will develop the skills needed to become a Peer Educator and gain the knowledge on two topics to start your peer-education journey. Regular trainings are run both nationally and in Wales.

Alongside this there are regular events throughout the country which offer further topic training to provide information and resources on new topics to add to any 4 portfolio. After completing 3 peer education sessions girls can also go on to complete an Advanced Training.

For more information about any of these events please visit the Members Area for further information.

Why put Peer Education sessions into your programme?

Peer Education sessions are a fun and interactive way to introduce topics relevant to you through a series of games and activities. Peer Education sessions support your Unit Members in developing their opinions and speak up with confidence in a safe space on a range of topics. Alternatively, Peer Educators can provide skills training in decision making and planning, leadership and communications skills to support skills development and girl-led Guiding! So why not enhance your weekly programme with an exciting and different unit meeting that involves little planning! (Please note: you will be expected to attend and be responsible for the girls, as usual and support the Peer Educator as required.)

How do I get a Peer Educator to visit me?

Peer education sessions can be organised through your local 4 coordinator. If you’re not sure who this is contact your County Commissioner and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Feel able to help or support Peer Educators?

Just because you’ve left the Senior Section doesn’t mean you stop being involved in 4. We are always looking for those who are able to offer guidance and support for Peer Educators, from taking on the role of a 4 coordinator (who oversees and monitors 4 in a local area), to providing transport and general mentoring.

"4 isn’t just for Senior Section . . . it’s for Units too"
"Peer education is about learning from each other – similar people sharing knowledge and information"
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